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        Danhoff Excavating Services, Inc., offers a number of land-clearing alternatives.  We offer mulching (see mulcher above), stump grinding, front-mounted bush hogging, stump removal, and brush removal.  Our equipment is low-ground impact, and is more environmentally friendly than more conventional methods.  Brush, undergrowth, and stumps can be mulched, leaving a layer of nutrient-rich mulch on the ground.  There is an 8-inch tree diameter limitation with the mulcher; however, we can remove larger trees with more conventional methods.  The mulching is a one-step process that quickly rids land of unwanted trees and vegetation. 

         Burning is time-consuming and dangerous.  Burning generally requires a special permit, with a high probability that the fire could get out of control.  Losing control of a fire can cause irrevocable damage to the environment, surrounding properties, and neighbors. 

          Conversely, timber mulching grinds trees and brush into mulch, which can be left on the ground, saving you time and money.  Timber mulching is now considered a very cost-effective means of clearing land. 

        Our company specializes in all types of land clearing and brush removal.  We do jobs in a variety of different sizes, and generally try to work within 60 miles of McClellanville, South Carolina.  We would be excited to have the opportunity to talk with you about your land-clearing needs. 



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