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DES, Inc. has a MK7040 KUBOTA TRACTOR. This tractor is a 4x4, and is equipped with commercial-grade tires, making it capable of working in many different terrains. It has a 71 horsepower engine. With an attached front-end loader, and a number of PTO-mounted attachments, this tractor can perform a variety of tasks.  We have the following attachments available for use with this tractor: box scraper, grading blade, PTO-operated ROTA-TILLER, bush hog, landscape rake, and a set of front-mounted forks. All these attachments make this KUBOTA tractor very versatile.

DES, Inc. has a "Ditch Witch 1820" TRENCHER, which is a large, walk-behind trencher capable of trenching a 4"-wide trench approximately 30" deep.  This trencher can do large trenching jobs in short order.  When you need a trench for any reason, call us, and we can dig you a trench quickly and easily. 


DES, Inc. has a John Deere 110 BACKHOE which can be used where smaller, close-quarter digging is required.  With rubber tires, it can work in areas where there is a hard surface and not damage any of the surroundings.  With its 24” digging bucket and large front end loader, this piece of equipment can make short order of most small digging projects.

DES, Inc. has a 16-yard tandem-axle DUMP TRUCK that can haul rock, sand, fill dirt, and remove unwanted debris from your site.  We use this truck to trailer a variety of large pieces of equipment to the job site.  This truck is available for a variety of different hauling needs to and from a site.

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                            E-mail us at info@danhoffexcavating.com


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